About Us



we provide Many Service and spares as follows:We are supplying different types of product as given below.

We supply all the products after passing them through strict quality test. We offer guarantee on most of the supplied products.

Also we are supplying following items -

     *Main Engine
    * Auxiliary Engine
    * Turbo Chargers,
    * Oil purifiers,
    * Air compressors,
    * Chilling compressor,
    * Oily water separator,
    * Hydraulic pump & hyd,items
    * Oil Content Monitor [bilge alarm]
    * Harmetic uti tape
    * Graviner [oil mist detector]
    * Governor & AVR
    * Wildon pumps
    * Indicator instrument
    * Feeler gauge
    * Peak pressure gauge
    * Cyl.Liner bore Gauge
    * Injector tester –for SULZER/ B&W and other engines
    * High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps[IOP Marine, Goltens]
    * Life boat air motor
    *  Centrifuge filters
    * Paints
    * Chemical
    * Lashing material
    * Wire Rope for crane
    * Razor blade barber wire
    * All types of Gauges,Ex.Temperature ,Eng.Rpm,psi,kg,types etc.
    * All types of machinery & oil purifier panel board
    * All types of fuel /air filters for generator, Main engine,
Crane,Hyd-pumps,Oily water separator & all types of machinery
                            If you have any other requirement then please don’t hesitate to write to us any time. We will be highly grateful to you for the same.